Senior Prom

I swear I didn’t smell or anything… my date just happened to be very nervous taking pictures! Did I mention I was the one who actually asked which happened to be a week before prom as well as this was kind of, I guess you could say our first time meeting, How “spontaneous” of me. We knew each other by mutual friends, so it wasn’t like someone you find on where I completely had no idea if he was a creep or serial killer or something. Nope! He was a total sweetheart, the bus ride there was a little quiet but you know I had no worries going into it as well as no expectations. Not only was prom night was 100% perfect, you can’t forget about prom weekend. A couple of the girls and I went for a drive up to the Michigan dunes.  We did our tanning and climbing, then went for a ten minute drive to the campground where the rest of our class was staying over. Thank God we did not sleepover there because it wasn’t even eight yet and it was already freezing out. Overall I feel the last hoo-rah with my class was successful!!

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