First Flight To Anywhere

I could not be anymore thankful for this week long vacation! It was mi madre, my sister, and I. The night before we planned to leave we packed our suitcases with a swimsuit and couple outfits and left. Because my mom is a flight attendant, we get discounted flights. But the downside is we are considered “stand-by’s” so we are the last to get on the plane (that is if there are any seats left). We got to the airport and tried to get on the first flight to Fort Lauderdale. It was an obvious miss because it was the weekend and it is summer. So my mother looked up the next flight, it was to Atlantic City in New Jersey. Alright, random but we thought we could catch another flight to Florida from there! We eventually did because we discovered that the flight we were on continued to Fort Myers! Never heard of it until that time but this was something we were just going to wing it!

Fort Meyers was paradise! We did end up staying in this sketchy hotel but it was right on the beach so there were no worries. Along the trip we met theses guys named Alex, Tyler, and Cody. They were my age and they were a fun group!

Our last day was on Thursday, we couldn’t find a flight available to go straight to Chicago. But luckily there was one to Minneapolis then Chicago. We stayed a night there in a hotel five minutes away from the Mall of America! I’ve never been so I bought some back to school clothes for fall, and the plus side was that there was no tax so that convenient!

I feel like if I didn’t take any pictures I would of thought this whole vacation was a dream. It truly was a great last hoo-rah with the family and I couldn’t of asked for more. Everything just worked out perfectly and nothing went wrong. It was also a much needed break from work!

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