Summertime Sadness

So I guess it’s time to officially remember what day of the week it is.

Just a little update how I’m ending my summer of 2014. Probably will have another “blurb” coming up next week!

Summer is on the verge of the ending. Meg and Karli started school this week, which kind of symbolizes my own closing time. Three of my close friends left this week and was definitely a wake up call to me because this whole college thing is just starting. This past week I also purchased my books for the four classes I’m taking, which undeniably took a toll on my bank account. I guess you could say I have mixed feelings about starting new. Scratch that, I’m 100% READY FOR CHANGE! Change of an environment, change of people I’m surrounded by, change, change, and change. Guess you could say I’m annoyingly happy about it.

I mean other than that life is going pretty smooth. Working hasn’t been taking over my life so far, which is couldn’t of been a worse time. But I’m praying this week that they understand that because school is starting I need time to adjust to my new schedule of class.

I had the time to go downtown blading with one of my friends which was relaxing and much much needed. I as well completed the Ice Bucket Challenge to support ALS. (See on my Instagram)

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