First day of college back to being labeled as a Freshman. Ok let’s go! Thankfully I only had to go through one fifty minute class. It’s called Rhetoric 101 and I feel like this will be just the class for me because the teacher giving us a prompt, and all we have to do is write a couple pages on it. How much easier can it be, am I write?

One of the exercises we had to do, as what I think more as a time hiller, was called “I remember..” You simply have to write ANYTHING that comes to your mind about what you remember from any memory you can think of.  Here was mine:

I remember..

when everything was simple. When the only thing you had to worry about was if you were coloring outside of the lines in a coloring book. Back to when you didn’t care what anyone was updating on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I remember when there wasn’t alcohol to rely on to have a good time with your friends. Although this might sound like a cliche teenager writing about a couple things she remembers, you can’t deny it’s true.




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  1. Even though I drink alcohol as well, I still don’t understand why drinking suddenly became the definition of “good time”. I honestly only enjoy drinking when I am with fun people. However, teens nowadays only enjoy people when they are with alcohol. 😧

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