John 16:33

I like to think I have all the answers for things. But if we had all the answers we wouldn’t need God and we wouldn’t need His plan. I think that’s how he made us. Dependent on His plan so that we can be dependent on Him. I believe that Jesus doesn’t think any less of us when things don’t go right. I’d like to think He plans on it sometimes.

Many times I’ll catch myself praying and asking God for something or asking Him to help me with a problem. But I have to stop and turn it back into thankfulness. Thanking Him for what He’s doing and thanking Him for His plan because I know it’s always good.
One of the verses I have stumbled upon in one of my Bible plans this week was John 16:33. In this verse Jesus says, “In this world you may have trouble, but take heart; for I have overcome the world.” Jesus makes us brave. There’s no fear we could have that could prevent the promises Jesus has made for us when we are dependent on Him in everything we do.
We hear all these songs saying “Oh, how He loves us” and “Your love is relentless” but I don’t think we actually let those words sink in. His love is relentless. {re-lent-less: adjective: oppressively constant/incessant} How cool is it that our Father’s love for us is constant? It almost makes some of our problems seem silly because if He loves us without ceasing, then what is there to worry about? All we need to do is rely on Him, because just like Spider-Man always has a plan to kill the Green Goblin, and Hazel Grace knew that even though it was only for a couple weeks; she met Augustus Waters for a reason, Jesus always has a plan to kill our bad guys and gives every encounter or trial a purpose.

I love that.

That’s what He’s telling us when He says to take heart. He says to feel encouraged. Feel confident. Feel comforted. Because Jesus is mighty and He has overcome this world. Jesus doesn’t say that you are too dirty to follow Him. Sometimes He lets you go through times of uncertainty because that’s where He grows you.
So next time you find yourself worrying about the outcome of a situation or whether or not something will play out like you planned for it to, remember that we belong to Jesus and He will never leave His children. Thank Him for what He has done, what He’s doing, and what’s to come. And He says its okay to not have all the answers.

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