Did I just… Thailand 2017?

I thought today was going to be normal, just like any other day.

I woke up at 8:30 am, opened my iPad, watched an episode of The Handmaid’s Tale, and made breakfast. I checked my socials as well, just like any other productive (yeah that’s productive for me) morning; Snapchat, Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram.

I saw that someone had slid into my DM’s, and it was Erik Conover. I had been following him for three years now, and he’s literally asking me about my day. Like What?! In shock, I was like “Okay Mickaela, act natural, and be cool.” So this is me trying to keep my cool. Mind you my heart was beating fast, my face was scrunched up and looked weird holding in my scream, and I couldn’t even explain to my sister what was going on.


SPOILER! I just wanted to rush into this part, but I forgot I entered into one of his giveaways for hitting 200,000 subscribers. I only forgot because every blogger I follow I always enter the giveaway, and haven’t won any for three years. It was natural for me to enter but knowing I wouldn’t win. Plus I really didn’t think anyone won for that matter.


I won a trip to Thailand this summer. I have never been out of the United States before, so I still am in shock and don’t believe it’s real.

I’m honestly tied between taking my sister, or my boyfriend. I know my sister is a year younger than me, and we’ve never traveled together before, just us. Even though she’s so fun and it would be such a lit experience, would it really be safe for us to travel to a country, just two young girls, that we’ve never been before? On the other hand, I would be equally excited to bring my boyfriend of three years because he’s a couple years older than I am, and I would just feel so safe exploring Bangkok, Thailand.

I’m both blessed and grateful that I have won this giveaway to get to experience something I probably would never have experienced before. To watch a little trailer Erik made about the trip, click here.




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